We manufacture and supply our own unique motorised bogies, non-motorised bogies and replacement wheelsets to upgrade the EFE range of ‘00’ scale London Underground tube train models. We also sell 3d printed plastic models of London Underground trains, both tube and sub surface stock, as seen in service since the 1960s. We also offer a range of accessory items including platform seats, signs and line-side cabinets. Our full product range and online shop is below. Exclusive First Editions (EFE) Gilbow Holdings, London Underground tube train model upgrades Parts are available on a DIY ‘supply only’ basis complete with full instructions, or on a ‘supply & fit’ basis. We offer Tenshodo motor bogies, non motorised trailing bogies & pinpoint wheelsets with brass bearings that will enable your existing static EFE models to operate on your 00/HO scale model railway. We supply & fit Tenshodo motor bogies together with our own injection moulded replacement plastic trailing bogie frames, pinpoint axle wheelsets, brass top hat bearings and high quality laser cut steel couplings. We have been in business for over 20 years & have 1000s of satisfied customers. Once upgraded & converted, your train will run to the same standard as Hornby & Bachmann models. 4 car trains will require 2 motor bogies/6 trailing bogies, 2 car trains will require 1 motor bogie/3 trailing bogies More information:- General EFE instructions/motorising notes (PDF)

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Supply only (illustrated instructions at the below links) Motorising DIY instructions (PDF) Trailing bogie DIY instructions (PDF) Motor bogie DIY - consists of:- Tenshodo SPUD 5 pole motor bogie, Metromodels plastic injection moulded bogie sideframe collar, motor mounting bracket/screws/washers, motor mounting template, bogie sideframe template, laser cut steel coupling. £56   Trailing bogie set DIY - consists of:- Metromodels plastic injection moulded bogie frame, 2x brass pinpoint axle 10.5 wheel diameter wheelsets, 4x brass ‘top hat’ axle bearings, bogie retaining clip/washer, bogie sideframe template, laser cut steel coupling. £10 Supply & fit Step 1 - pack up and send us your models via signed for/recorded post. Include details of your name, postal address, email & contact phone number. Step 2 - enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to ‘John Polley’ (or pay online via PayPal using the online shop buttons below. You do not require a Paypal account) Motor bogie set - supplied & fitted £68 Trailing bogie set - supplied & fitted £20 Step 3 - post your models to us at:- 27 Amethyst Drive, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 8GD Step 4 - we will acknowledge receipt of your models Step 5 - we will normally complete the upgrade work & return your models to you within 3 weeks. Non UK customers, please contact us for postage rates.  Transparent demonstration bogie showing wheelsets & brass ‘top hat’ bearings fitted  The bogie pivot retaining clip is removed & re-used from the original EFE bogie moulding Station and lineside accessory items Hand made etched brass Relay/switch cabinets - British Railways/Network Rail type £2.50 each or five for £10 London Underground section switch cabinets, older wooden cabinet £6.99 per pair London Underground section switch cabinets modern fibre glass cabinet £6.99 per pair London Underground station platform seat/signs £6.99 each Choice of 4 station names with an oval or rectangular seat base:-  Museum, Hammersmith, White City, Earls Court If you require an alternative station name just print your own to fit over the existing name.
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Metromodels Vivarail 2 car units Our 3d printed ‘D’ stock bodies can be modifed to make the Vivarail trains such as the class 230 and class 484 units. We can supply ready to run, individually hand finished models as motorised or static models. The build process involves a considerable amount of specialist labour and time. Details fitted include clear plastic window glazing, windscreen wipers, car numbers/decals. Pay a £100 deposit (using the ‘add to cart’ button below) to secure your order with the balance payable once we confirm completion of your models. Upon receipt of your order/deposit and confirmation of which Vivarial livery you require we will commence the build of your models. Our current delivery timescale is about 10-12 weeks. 2 car motorised - £480 2 car static non motorised - £436 2 car kit form motorised - £327 2 car kit form non-motorised - £280
Special offer. EFE 1938 tube stock ‘Dinosaur’ Isle Of Wight liveried Driving Motor (DM) car bodies and interiors. We have a very limited stock of these spare parts available at £75 per pair. DM car destinations - ‘Ryde Pier Head’ and ‘Shanklin’ You   will   require   a   suitable   motor   bogie/trailing   bogies/wheelsets   -   order   the   DIY   items   listed   above.   (1   motor   bogie plus 3 trailing bogies are required for a 2 car motorised set or 4 trailing bogies are required for a non-motorised 2 car set). You will also require 2 chassis. We offer both motorised and non motorised chassis and bogie side-frames. These are available from our 3d print shop:- https://www.shapeways.com/shops/metromodels-london-underground-models
London Underground model railway trains since 1960 Surface:- A, C, D. Tube:- 1960, 1967/72, 1973, 1983, 1992, 1996, 2009 stocks. These are all available as 3d printed plastic train car bodies from our 3d print shop at:- https://i.materialise.com/en/shop/designer/john-polley Chassis, wheelsets, motor bogies and trailing bogies are available from us. DIY motorised chassis = £66, DIY non-motorised chassis = £30. Contact us at metromodels@yahoo.co.uk with your requirements and we will advise/quote you.